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About Us

Founded in Istanbul in 1997, our company established a reputable position for itself in the chemicals sector in Turkey within a short time both through national and international business activities. In 2007, the company established its production facility in Dilovasi (Kocaeli) in Turkey and has since been based in this location. 

Our company has become one of the leading suppliers in the alkali chemicals sector in Turkey through continuous innovation in its technology and developments in its capacity over the years. As a company that regards quality, work ethics and environmental awareness as fundamental parts to all its practices, we have managed to gain our customers' trust and establish long term business relationships. We have established a performance management system whereby our management principles and their implementation are constantly and regularly been revised according to international assessments such as ISO and Sedex in order to effectively perceive and execute our clients’ needs and requests.

Our consistent work towards maintaining high standards in our products, together with investments in R&D, have proven our confidence to provide the highest quality services to leading companies in Turkey and the rest of the world.