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Our Environmental Principles

Our Environmental Principles 

TET INTERNATIONAL DIŞ TİC. VE KİMYA SAN. A.Ş, applies appropriate methods in order to determine the dimension and effect of all of its activities on the environment at all stages from product realization to dispatching, with the awareness of its environmental responsibilities. TET INTERNATIONAL DIŞ TİC. VE KİMYA SAN. A.Ş, recognizes that environmental protection is an indispensable part of sustainability actions and carries its efforts beyond the legal requirements in this matter. With regard to the subject, the company complies within the 2872 Environment Law in Turkey.

To this end,
We comply within all regulations regarding the environment. We take all precautions to prevent environmental pollution by keeping environmental awareness in the foreground with responsibility for nature and community.

We are committed to innovating to reducing environmental impacts by controlling natural resource consumption, and we accept continuous improvement to protect the environment.

We comply with the environmental criteria on the raw and auxiliary materials used.

We ensure pollution prevention, waste reduction and maximum recycling.

We focus on innovating for the reduction of resource consumption in production and recycling as well as for that of greenhouse gas emissions, and in reducing the effects of these on the environment in order to continuously improve for environmental protection.

By paying attention to deforestation, we take care to protect the surrounding forests and to make land changes so as not to damage the surrounding forests.

We pay attention to the environment factor in new investments.

We prioritize and apply environmentally compatible technologies with continuous improvement in our activities.

We contribute to raising environmental awareness by cooperating with our suppliers and customers, as well as educating all our employees on environmental awareness.